When Do You Need a Crane Tree Removal?

crane tree removal

Tree maintenance may seem like it only requires a ladder, chainsaw, and pruning shears. However, many homeowners need a crane tree removal performed to safely and effectively handle tree problems. The larger the tree, the harder it falls, so attending to a failing tree before it hits the ground saves you potential damage and injuries.

Some common problems requiring tree services offered by New Leaf Tree Service in Louisville, KY, include:

  • Tall trees that may cause damage if felled from the ground
  • Trees leaning close to or against homes, buildings, or electrical cables
  • Trees exhibiting signs of disease or dying
  • Trees left weak or leaning after a heavy storm

How Does the Tree Removal Process Work?

Before removing your tree, you should assess your situation with your preferred tree service. Is a tree crane required for the job? Does the entire tree need to come down, or just some of the higher branches? Your tree service will help you choose the best course of action, and in the case they need a tree crane, here’s what you can expect:

1. Crane Stabilization

A falling tree causes problems, but a falling crane holding a tree can cause a disaster. Your tree service will find an ideal space to park their crane before beginning work. Factors going into stabilizing the crane include how level the ground is, the quality of the ground beneath the crane, and the size of the tree.

2. Cutting the Tree

Once the crane is in place, professional tree cutters ride the crane up into the branches. If the tree can support their weight, the tree cutters attach themselves to it for safety and stability. After wrapping cables attached to the crane around a tree’s bough or branch, tree service experts cut that section away and allow the crane to transport it to the ground.

3. Tree Disposal

Ground crew workers help guide the lowered tree section to their ideal area, then free it from the crane cables. While crane operators return to the tree, the ground crew cuts the tree sections into small pieces for easier chipping or mulching. The crane tree removal process continues until the team reduces the entire tree to a wood pile.

Is Crane Tree Removal Safe?

Diseased or damaged trees present a dangerous situation for climbers, regardless of how well they’ve trained. A crane allows tree service professionals to reach the higher limbs of a tree without the danger of branches snapping beneath them. Hazardous trees damaged in storms or high wind also present a unique situation best remedied by crane tree removal.

Where Can Crane Tree Removal Be Performed?

Crane operators have developed careful skills enabling any area to benefit from a crane tree removal. Whether operating in a suburban neighborhood or office block, cranes reach trees blocked by gates, walls, or tightly-built structures. Because crane tree removal works from the top down, this tree service method safely and effectively brings down problematic or hazardous trees.

Can Tree Cranes Help With Tree Maintenance?

If you want to keep your tree but need help shortening its limbs or cleaning up its sprawl, tree service professionals can use their crane for general tree care. Sometimes tree limbs become entangled with electrical cables, become diseased independent of the main tree, or break without falling. A professional tree service can help you with crane tree maintenance in these situations and many more.

Professional Tree Maintenance and Removal in Louisville, KY

Whether you need tree maintenance or require crane tree removal services, New Leaf Tree Service is here to help. Call (502) 419-9899 to learn more about our crane tree removal services or know more about our emergency tree service.

Are trees on your property dying, falling down, or causing you concern? We are ready to hear from you! If you have dying trees, ugly stumps, or just need your landscape cleaned up from fallen debris, reach out today.

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