The Dangers of Planting a Tree Too Close to House

tree too close to house

What happens if homeowners plant a tree too close to house walls or foundations? As one of the most reputable tree services in Louisville, KY, the New Leaf Tree Service arborists regularly hear this question from local residents and business owners. It’s a valid concern when cutting down mature trees requires only a few hundred dollars, but remediating structural damage can cost you thousands.

In this post, our professional arborists provide a few recommendations about optimal tree placement, avoiding hazardous trees, and containing root systems that could damage your home.

How Close is Too Close for a Tree?

Strategic tree placement is a skill that even licensed arborists and landscapers take years to master. However, shade trees on your property will bring a broad range of benefits that artificial fixtures can not provide. In particular, leafy trees serve as windbreaks, a source of fresh oxygen, privacy barriers, and convenient noise dampeners.

Arborists like us recommend the following guidelines for planting a tree in the yard:

  • Plant mid-sized trees at least 15 feet away from your home or structure
  • Plant taller trees or those with broader root systems at least 25 feet away from the house

The Effects of Planting a Tree Too Close to Home

Landscaping mistakes are commonplace, but we love the can-do attitude of self-made gardeners and horticulturists. Rather, consider our tips below before selecting the right spot for your next tree-planting exercise.

Twigs and Leaves Accumulate in Unseen Places

The residents of Louisville are no strangers to hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms. In fact, the National Weather Service has a record of tornadoes rampaging through the city as far back as 1890. When you plant a tree close to a house in this area, you will soon notice leaves and twigs accumulating on your front porch and pool deck as weather conditions worsen. 

Be sure to consider your gutters and downspouts before planting a tree. These fixtures clog fast during heavy rains, with sidings sustaining scratches and dents from falling branches.

Structural Damage to Surrounding Structures

What type of tree would you like to plant? Tall trees like Hickory and Wild develop widespread roots compared to Red Maple and Redbud specimens. Root intrusion refers to roots damaging foundations, septic pipes, and water lines, a commonplace issue in Louisville.

Note that a tree’s root system will cover two to three times the size of the canopy.

Increased Risk of Property Damage

A tree is too close to your home or business if its branches and bark sections can crash into your roof or windows during adverse weather. Can the tree branches fall on cars, decks, and pool areas? It is too close. 

Home insurance might cover damage, but using a licensed landscaper might save you higher premiums.

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