Spring Tree Care Checklist: What Does It Include?

spring tree care

The first signs of spring get nature-lovers excited about working outside. Most people focus on their lawns and gardens, but Spring tree care can help your trees thrive and provide your outdoor space with lush greenery.

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Prune Dead Branches

Spring is the perfect time to remove dead branches. As new leaves sprout, it’s easy to see which branches are dead. Pruning helps the overall aesthetic of trees, but also helps them grow to look healthy and full. 

During the pruning process, check for branches that didn’t survive the winter or that sustained other damage. Prune them from the tree and then move them away from the area to avoid spreading disease throughout your landscape.

Pruning will help promote new growth and keep your trees green and beautiful.

Prep the Ground

During the winter months, fallen limbs, decaying leaves, and other debris collected in your yard. Weeds that survived the winter will continue to grow, absorbing water and nutrients that trees need.

Take the time to clear the space so your trees and other plants will thrive in the coming months. When your yard is covered with decaying limbs and other plants, it gives fungus the chance to take over and make your trees sick. 

Water Thirsty Trees

Even if it snows where you live, trees don’t get a lot of water in the wintertime. After the last frost has passed, give your trees a boost by watering them. It takes a lot of energy for trees to grow in the spring, and they will benefit from extra water.

De-icing treatments are especially dehydrating for trees, and giving them some water can promote healthy tree growth as they leaf out in the spring.

Refresh the Mulch

A layer of mulch around your trees will provide essential nutrients throughout the year. During spring tree care, some homeowners put mulch too close to the trunk and end up hurting their trees. Keep mulch several inches away from tree trunks to avoid disease.

Scout Out Spots for New Trees

If your spring plans involve planting new trees, take some time to decide the best place to plant them. Trees have specific needs and not every tree will thrive in your yard. 

Take note of the trees that you already have. Planting trees that thrive in similar conditions is the best way to improve your landscape for years to come. 

Stop Pests in Their Tracks

As the weather warms up, insects start looking for leaves to feast on. Whether you take care of pest control yourself or leave it to a professional, take note of the presence of pests and treat the area before an infestation develops.

Professional Arborist Service

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