Will a Tree Grow Straight if Planted Crooked?

will a tree grow straight if planted crooked

Will a tree grow straight if planted crooked? The answer is not as simple as you might think. So, in this post, New Leaf Tree Service, your excellent tree service in Louisville, KY, answers this question. We also explain more about caring for trees and how to straighten them.

Why Does It Matter? 

A tree that’s slanting over can pose a danger to you and your property and also become a liability risk. If it leans too far, it may be unstable during high winds, heavy rain, or stormy weather. A tree growing straight is likely to be more stable, and so it’s best to encourage this where possible. 

Should You Stake the Tree? 

Will a tree grow straight if planted crooked? It can, though it varies, depending on the situation.

Some people believe they should use a wooden stake to support a sapling and make sure it grows straight, but this isn’t always necessary. When it becomes important is when the root system is small in relation to the canopy size or if the tree tends to lean excessively. In such cases, you need to tie a wooden stake to the side of the tree, putting the stake opposite the direction of the lean. This should gently straighten the tree and support it until the tree roots establish a strong foundation. 

Only Stake the Tree if Necessary

Why not stake every sapling for safety’s sake? A healthy tree doesn’t need your help in establishing a strong foundation. Staking it when it’s not necessary to do so may result in a weaker root system. 

How to Stake a Tree Properly

If you need to stake a sapling, only do so for one growing season. Remove it before the next growing season starts. Here are some tips about how to properly stake your tree: 

  • The stake must be five feet tall or taller.
  • Use strong wood or metal as your material of choice.
  • Using a weak stake means that your sapling doesn’t get the support it needs, and this could do more harm than good. 
  • Place the pole in the ground at the outer edge of the planting hole so that you don’t accidentally damage the roots. 
  • Attach the pole to the trunk using wire, rope, or gardening tape. You can also use pantyhose if you have any lying around. 

How to Straighten a Crooked Tree 

What happens if you come home one day and find your tree is starting to fall over? Don’t panic, because you might be able to save the tree. If the tree’s roots are mostly undamaged and you act quickly enough, you might be able to replant the tree. However, if more than a third of the roots are damaged, or most of the exposed roots are in bad shape, your tree might die. 

To Replant the Tree

Remove as much of the soil around the tree’s roots as possible. You’ll need to replant the roots in much the same way as you planted the tree in the first place. Remove as much soil as necessary from under the roots to place the roots back as evenly as possible. 

Cover the roots with soil and then tie the tree to a stake to anchor the trunk carefully. You should then place the uprooted roots back at ground level. Then water the tree well and contact our team for assistance. 

Contact Our Team for Professional Advice

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