What Causes Holes in Trees?

Holes in trees can catch you off guard and leave you wondering what caused such an unsightly blemish. However, tree cavities are relatively common and can form for numerous reasons. To explain more about tree holes, New Leaf Tree Service put together some common causes and how to prevent future formations.

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Three Causes of Holes in Trees in Louisville, Kentucky

Again, holes form in trees for various reasons. Some develop due to insect infestations, while others generate when a tree contracts a disease. Understanding the causes of holes in trees will help you determine the source of the problem and prevent future formations. 

Below are some common causes of holes in trees:

1. Pests 

Pests can wreak havoc on trees and cause extensive bark damage. Many burrow, scratch, and peck trees, causing numerous holes and fissures along their trunk. 

For example, bark beetles and tree borers create holes to lay their eggs and feed, leaving behind several unsightly holes that adversely affect the tree’s health. Clearwing moth larvae also form holes that disrupt the tree’s water and food transport tissues.

If your trees have small to moderate (dime-size) holes along their trunks, they likely have a pest infestation.

2. Woodpeckers

As their name suggests, woodpeckers peck holes in trees and leave behind several cavities along a tree’s structure. Most generate holes while searching for sap and primary target apple and maple trees. Identifying woodpecker holes is relatively easy since they create numerous rows (mostly horizontal but sometimes vertical) within the tree’s trunk.

If you notice numerous rows of holes along your tree, wrap the bark with small gap chicken wire or burlap. This will prevent woodpeckers from pecking at the tree and protect it from damage.

3. Tree Diseases

Although most tree diseases don’t generate holes along a tree’s trunk, they can create holes in their leaves. For example, shot hole disease causes small cavities in tree foliage that resemble shotgun blasts. Some fungicides and pest control treatments can prevent tree diseases, but it’s best to contact an arborist to determine the best solution.

If your trees have holes in their trunks, limbs, or leaves, contact New Leaf Tree Service. We will identify the cause and determine the best treatment without surpassing your budget.

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