Tree Services in Louisville

Tree Removal

Trees are a beautiful part of the landscape, but unfortunately, emergencies, sickness, bugs, and other problems can require maintenance or removal. 

Tree Pruning

Sometimes tree branches can get in the way or cause potential threats to the safety of people or homes. When this occurs, our expert team is ready to help.   

Stump Removal

An old stump on your property or a new one caused by a fallen tree can lead to problems for your landscape. Our professional equipment takes care of stumps quickly and we always cleanup afteward.  

Emergency Tree Service

The weather in Louisville, Kentucky is very unpredictable. Ice, snow, wind, and even tornados can all turn a beautiful yard into an emergency situation in minutes. When this happens, our tree removal services are ready to respond with experts who can help in almost any situation. 

Crane Services

Sometimes trees are located in dense areas with many obstacles. New Leaf Louisville now offers crane services to help with tree removal services when circumstances require advanced measures.  

Landscape Work

Bush Trimming

We love helping people enjoy their yards. Ask about our team’s availability for your landscaping needs. 


Ready to get your property ready for the season ahead? We are here to help!