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Tree Damage Insurance Claims in Louisville, KY

If a tree fell on your home and you need to make an insurance claim to cover the damage, let the team of experts from New Leaf Tree Service help you. Call us at (502) 419-9899 to get help removing the fallen tree and filing a claim.

When a tree falls on your home, your first priority is to remove it and get started on repairing the damage. If there’s extensive damage to your home, you may wish to file a claim with your insurance company to pay for tree removal and repairs. This process can be time-consuming and confusing, but New Leaf Tree Service is here to help at every step.

Common Homeowner Misconceptions About Tree Damage Insurance Claims

Homeowner’s insurance policies are often complex, and you may be unsure what your policy covers when it comes to tree damage to your home. In our experience working with many insurance companies, we’ve encountered many homeowners who have misconceptions about their coverage. Among the most common include:

  • Insurance doesn’t cover fallen trees. Insurance companies will not pay claims for a tree that falls due to a lack of maintenance. However, if the tree falls due to natural causes listed on your policy and causes damage, your homeowner’s policy should cover at least some of the cost of removing the tree and making repairs.
  • Insurance does not cover the entire cost of tree removal. Most homeowner’s insurance policies allow between $500 and $1000 per tree before you need to pay out of pocket. Remember that tree removal — hauling the debris from your property — is separate from the process of lifting the tree off your home. The policy may cover that separately as part of the overall damage claim.
  • Homeowners have to contact insurance companies first. Many homeowners believe they need to get estimates from several tree services and permission from their insurance company before starting work if they plan to file a claim. This isn’t true; New Leaf Tree Service can remove the tree, and you can secure your home before you begin the claims process.
  • Fallen trees are only covered when they damage your home. Even if a tree doesn’t fall on your home or cause significant structural damage, we can help you make a claim. Fallen trees can damage fences, retaining walls, outdoor lighting, and other features, and your insurance may cover the repairs.

Call New Leaf Tree Service for Emergency Tree Removal

If a tree falls on your property, call the experts with the most experience filing tree damage insurance claims in Louisville, KY: New Leaf Tree Service. Our experienced, certified arborists will safely remove the fallen tree and provide the necessary photos and documentation you need to file a claim for the damage to your home. We’ll walk you through the claims process and answer all your questions to help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

If you need emergency tree removal after a storm or have concerns about a tree on your property, call us today at (502) 419-9899 for prompt, reliable service.

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