How to Tell if a Tree Is Sick: Three Signs

how to tell if a tree is sick

Healthy trees live for decades or centuries. Learning how to tell if a tree is sick gives you the tools to prevent its death. Dead or sick trees may fall unexpectedly, causing severe damage to your property and potential injury. 

Receive an inspection and Tree service in Louisville, KY, if you notice any signs of sickness. The faster you catch a tree’s disease, the better the chances of saving it. Damaged trees lower the value of your property and can lower its curb appeal. 

Entire trees will fall if you don’t protect them from illness, so inspect your trees regularly for symptoms. 

1: Yellowing, Drooping, or Dead Leaves

The first sign your tree is sick is yellowing, drooping, or dying leaves. Premature leaf death offers insight and points to one or more of the following:

  • Heat or drought stress — water the tree deeply every morning to prevent this. 
  • Poor soil health — a tree that lacks nutrients is prone to disease and pests. Speak to a professional and test your soil. 
  • Pests, mold, and bacterial disease — the tree will redirect its energy from new leaves to stop an illness, resulting in yellowing or dead leaves. 

First, ensure your tree receives the proper nutrients, water, and sunlight. Call a professional for an inspection if the tree has everything it needs and still shows this symptom. 

2: Dying or Dead Branches

The number two way how to tell if a tree is sick is dead branches. 

Dead branches may be a sign the tree is old, but it’s uncommon for a tree to drop large branches unexpectedly, which points to a severe issue. Storms may cause dropping, but in mild weather, it’s alarming. 

Always contact an arborist immediately if large branches are falling from your trees. But do not try to fix a damaged tree yourself. Many people are severely injured every year with do-it-yourself tree services. 

3: Signs of Decay

Signs of decay always point to pests, bacterial diseases, or fungi. Decay usually begins with an injury or if an infection eats the tree from the inside out. Some obvious signs of decay are as follows:

  • Mushrooms growing on the trunk or at the base of the tree
  • Loose bark or weeping wounds — a “bleeding” tree signifies infection and rot.
  • A leaning tree or sunken bark points to dead or dying roots and severe internal decay.

Take signs of decay seriously, and reach out to an arborist. There are many illnesses a tree might have, some of which are treatable and some are not. A professional will guide you on eliminating the issue or removing the tree. 

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Learning how to tell if a tree is sick will help you know when to call a specialist and may save your tree. For further reading on tree health and disease prevention, know why it’s dangerous to plant trees close to your home. 

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