Neighbor’s Tree Damaged My Fence: Who Is Responsible? 

neighbor tree damaged my fence

The question, “what happens if a neighbor’s tree damaged my fence” remains difficult to answer. Trees that grow adjacent to property lines, grow overhanging branches extending over multiple owner’s fences, and contain expansive underground root systems puzzle homeowners. How should property owners navigate the unfortunate circumstance of a neighboring tree damaging their fence? 

Insurance companies and Louisville’s tree service company have handled tree-related property damage for years. Gain peace of mind by learning everything you need about boundary trees, confirming tree ownership, and speaking with an insurance company. 

How to Determine Tree Ownership 

Who owns a tree that grows within the boundary lines between two properties? In many cases, the homeowners who share property lines have equal ownership over trees that grow between two homes. For example, even a tree that extends above ground on your neighbor’s property may still be your responsibility if the tree’s canopy or root system extends onto your property. 

However, boundary line trees cared for and planted by neighbors may remain your financial responsibility. Fear not if you’ve scoured the internet for an answer to the question, “what happens if a neighbor’s tree damaged my fence?” Continue reading to learn the proper strategies for dealing with fallen trees. 

How to Resolve Boundary Line Tree Disputes 

Broken fences require costly repairs, and fallen trees need expensive cleanup services. Instead of shouldering the financial burden of damaged fences and fallen trees, contact your insurance company immediately. Highly-trained insurance adjusters wield many years of experience helping homeowners deal with property damage issues. 

Follow these steps to maximize your chance of receiving financial compensation for fallen tree damage: 

1. Speak with Your Neighbor 

Protracted disagreements over the valid owner of trees may cost substantial legal fees and large amounts of time and energy, and disputes over the ownership of trees tend to sidetrack insurance claims. Instead of endless conflicts over tree ownership, sit down with your neighbor to determine who owns the tree. 

2. Check Your Insurance Policy 

Some insurance policies do not cover damage to structures other than your primary residence. Read the fine print of your insurance contracts to determine whether or not you have adequate coverage to file a successful insurance claim. 

Always take high-resolution photographs of the damage to assist insurance adjusters. Take notes, collect eyewitness accounts of the damage, and avoid cleaning up fallen tree debris until after your insurance adjuster has visited your property.

3. Determine Negligence 

Suppose a tree on your neighbor’s property has not received regular care and annual pruning. In that case, your neighbor’s insurance policy may cover all damages and cleanup services in the event of a fallen tree. Always contact tree experts to help you care for your trees and prevent tree-related accidents. 

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