Permit for Tree Removal: Do You Need It in Louisville?

Tree removal isn’t too hard to figure out. If you have a big tree in your yard that’s causing problems, you just cut it down—right? Well, not always.

While some cities and counties don’t require a permit for tree removal on private property, your tree may be subject to specific guidelines or restrictions depending on the location and size of the tree itself.

Louisville’s tree service company gives you the guidelines in this informative post.

Do You Need Tree Removal Permits in Louisville, KY?

Getting a permit for tree removal is tricky in any city, and Louisville is no exception. The city’s urban forestry department, the Division of Community Forestry (DCF), is responsible for enforcing the city’s tree protection regulations. These regulations protect trees and ensure that you remove them properly.

You do require a permit for the removal of trees in Louisville, Kentucky. If you plan to remove a tree on your property, you must obtain a permit from the DCF before any work begins.

The only exception to this rule is if you are removing trees that are:

  • Emergency street trees as required by public utility providers approved by the DCF
  • Pruning of limbs limiting cross-visibility, pedestrian traffic, or traffic lights within DCF standards
  • Pruning of trees posing a safety hazard or touching a home or structure
  • Routine pruning of less than 10% of the canopy
  • Routine tree watering and mulching
  • Trees in a landscape or development plan with approval from the DCF

The city requires a permit for tree removal involving the destruction of more than one tree or a tree with a diameter at breast height of more than four inches. You’ll also need a permit to remove any trees from public property or a park.

According to the city’s website, permits are free. You can apply for them on the city website. If you, as a property owner, do not have permission from the city to remove trees from your property and you have already begun work, you may face hefty daily fines for each day that work continues after the city’s inspector general or their designee orders you to stop.

What About Tree Removal Permits for Emergency Scenarios?

In the event of an emergency, Louisville residents may need to remove trees or branches from their property. While it is preferable to avoid doing so, if the situation is dire enough, you may need to take matters into your own hands.

If you need to remove trees or branches for an emergency and do not have a permit for tree removal in KY, you may be subject to fines. To avoid this, it is best to call the city’s hotline (502) 574-6520 and request permission before making any changes to your property.

Contact Your Local Arborist in Louisville, KY, for Tree Removal Services

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