Can a Tree Survive a Lightning Strike?

Can a tree survive a lightning strike? The answer depends on multiple factors, including that particular tree’s health and the extent of the damage. 

In this article, New Leaf Tree Service, your reliable tree service company in Louisville, KY, explains more about the tree survival factors that count after a lightning strike. 

Did Lightning Strike Your Tree? 

When you understand how trees work, you realize that lightning damage effects often manifest subtly. Sometimes, there aren’t obvious signs on the outer trunk or branches because the strike might move along the inside of the bark. It might even take years for you to notice a change in your tree! 

Still, the most common signs of a lightning strike to look out for include stunted growth and leaf wilt. If you’re lucky, you’ll see damage such as:

  • Split bark
  • Cracks in the wood
  • Branches hanging by a thread 
  • Visibly scorched areas

If you suspect a strike, don’t wait to call an arborist to perform a tree inspection and evaluation. In the case of lightning damage, the sooner you know the issues, the sooner you can devise a strategy to help the tree recover. With severe damage, you’ll also have time to remove the tree before it poses a significant safety risk. 

Can Your Tree Survive?

Can a tree survive a lightning strike? Yes, it can. However, the following factors could come into play for the tree’s recovery:

  • The tree’s age. Very young or old trees may not recover well from environmental stressors. 
  • The tree’s health before the strike. A healthy tree can recover quickly.
  • The strike’s severity. Did the lightning fry the tree’s heartwood? It probably won’t recover. 
  • The tree’s weak spots. After a strike, there’s often the potential for infestation or infection of the tree. Disease and pest susceptibility both impact a tree’s survival rate.

If the conditions are right and the tree survives the initial strike, there’s a good chance of saving it if you act quickly. Why not speak to a team like New Leaf Tree Service about a custom strategy to improve the odds of saving your tree? You can also hire these professionals for lightning protection services for other trees or to remove dead wood and damaged branches.

Tree Lighting Protection Measures That Work

If you live in an area with a lot of electrical storms, you may worry about lightning strikes for your trees. However, professionally installed systems can redirect the lightning and ground it safely.

The principle is similar to a lightning rod on a house to protect sensitive electronics. However, the placement here is tricky, so you’ll need help from the tree experts to prevent tree damage and protect people nearby as the energy harmlessly disperses.

Contact The Tree Specialists for Expert Advice!

Can a tree survive a lightning strike without protection measures in place? The odds decrease if your tree is sick or unhealthy, so there’s always a good reason to consult a certified arborist to restore your tree’s health! Why not start with New Leaf Tree Service in Louisville, Kentucky—call (502) 419-9899 today!

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