Tree Removal Service Louisville

Removing Dead & Diseased Trees

When a tree or large branch falls, it has the potential to cause damage or harm to people and property. New Leaf Louisville provides tree removal services to thousands of customers in Kentucky dealing with this type of problem. Our staff is prepared to help customers make a well-informed decision on when and how a tree should be removed.

Property owners often wait too long to make the difficult decision to remove a tree. We have removed trees and broken tree limbs that have fallen into homeowners’ bedrooms in the middle of the night. This can be a frightening situation that is absolutely unnecessary if precautions are taken.

What to Expect When Removing Trees in Louisville, Kentucky

Tree removal inside the city and surrounding suburbs can present a challenge. Neighborhood trees in Louisville are often surrounded by other valuable plants, other building, and possessions such as vehicles. Tree removal projects on public or commercial land can also pose hazards to the public.

Cutting down a tree, especially a large tree, requires careful dismantling by highly trained personnel utilizing state-of-the-art machinery to ensure the protection of your home and property. The exact equipment we use during tree removals is determined by the conditions on your landscape, branch architecture, and the soundness of your tree.

A standard tree removal includes:

Taking down a tree

Chipping all brush

Cutting all wood into logs

Cutting the stumps as flush as possible to the ground

Assessing and removing dangerous branches

Watching out for tree diseases that can spread to other plants

Identifying potential pests

Keeping your yard beautiful

Cleaning up the workspace area as best as possible

Our Tree Removal Process

Every potential client is presented with the best options on how to remove dangerous trees or branches. We have some of the best staff in Louisville, Kentucky. Our team might utilize climbers with ropes, saddle and safety gear, and the most modern equipment available. We often use trucks, cranes, and other equipment.

Trees have great sentimental, environmental and aesthetic value. It is our goal to treat and save trees whenever possible. However, when New Leaf Louisville gives an estimate, we will point out the potential dangers and offer suggestions on how best to solve problems.

Signs You Need to Remove a Tree

New Leaf Louisville staff works with homeowners to identify whether a tree is dead, dangerous, or needs to be removed. Determining when to have a tree removed could potentially save you a great deal of money, time, and stress in the future.

Watch for these signs that a tree on your property might be dead:

  • Fungus growth
  • Tree trunk damage
  • Bare branches
  • Damaged roots
  • Dangerous swaying during wind and storms


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